About Us


Goldblocks is a Mining Company, which was founded in Slovenia in late 2015 and will move quickly to Dubai. We distinguish ourselves through a comprehensive network and experts in the sales department and also help our customers to build up an additional income. We have developed our own trading strategy, with the aim of providing our customers with security and generating high profits.

Bitcoin was created in 2008 as an unknown and secure method for trading cash on the Internet. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be completely decentralized and quickly and easily sent and received - without any exchange fees.

Goldblocks have also been created through this development. We work with various gold trading platforms and private investors. The most important thing is that the Goldblocks Coin is real, available on the free capital market and listed on various stock exchanges. Gold and crypto were unified, which revolutionized the market and has a unique feature. In combination with Network Marketing the distribution mygoldblocks.com was developed.