Our Vision


If we were to ask ourselves whether we see other companies as competitors, the clear answer would be: NO. Why? How do we know if it will be worth it here and now to be among the first in Mygoldblocks and whether it will be great?

The advantage with us is that we know how we can move the masses through our extensive network and years of sales experience. We have a unique feature in the crypt industry and are characterized by the fact that we are the first company to link gold and cryptocurrency. What is also special is that the Coin was already listed on the stock exchange, before the distribution even started at all.

You also have to look at the current market and analyze how much potential cryptosciences possess now. Who would have thought at the time that the Internet would exist and that the whole world could be linked within minutes? It once started with an idea and the dream to implement it. Sooner or later, people will also realize that it is not a mystery to invest in cryptosciences.


Part of the mission of Mygoldblocks is to teach users how to trade by themselves. We believe that traditional currencies will abolish and revolutionize cryptos. Most of us now use only credit cards or other electronic payment methods instead of cash.

We are convinced that the Coin will rise extremely quickly in a very short time and the blockchain technology has great potential. We expect enormous upheavals in the financial sector, a large number of new business models will arise, payments for banking transactions will be cheaper and account management fees will be less.

We are here to grasp the moment of the revolutionary shift of the world economy to make an impact and change our lives. We are already planning and implementing the first ATM machines for Goldblocks and also Bitcoin in Germany, which will be another reason for a revolution in the world of digital currencies.

Bitcoin has been around for a couple of years and many of you have become aware that it is gaining in popularity. The nature of bitcoins is to enable transactions, independently of banks and governments. In the long term, the only payment systems that will survive will be those that allow a legal transaction.

They say you sometimes miss the train. But who does not dare not win. We are convinced that you will not miss the train this time and will shape the future of Goldblocks together with us. If we as a community pull together, develop and grow, we can secure a stable income in the long term.


Go with time or you go with the time.